Thank you to everyone who attended the Direct Work in Practice workshop. We had a fantastic line up of speakers who provided lots of useful ideas for resources for delegates to take away and apply to their work. 

Please feel free to browse the current site for details of the 2018 event. 


9th October 2018
Rooms on Regent's Park, London

Evidencing direct work with children is an essential part of practice for children and family social workers to help understand a child’s lived experience. Case records and court reports must demonstrate evidence of meaningful direct work and how this has shaped decisions.

This practical, one-day, skills-based workshop will focus on how to conduct effective direct work with children that can be applied directly to practice.


The Keynote session will provide:

  • Essential advice to support emotional presence in practice
  • Practical techniques to facilitate meaningful ‘wishes and feelings’ work
  • Next step strategies – how to translate ‘wishes and feelings’ into
    insightful practice

Workshops will help you:

  • Approach direct communication with children with more confidence
  • Consider how to write about the work which has been undertaken
  • Develop knowledge, skills and confidence in ascertaining and evidencing the views, wishes, feelings and experiences of disabled children Understand how to explore concerns carefully and with open questions
  • Use facilitative activities which can help understand the inner world of children
  • Adapt your communication approaches
  • Learn more about the effects of developmental and/or relational trauma
  • Look at ways of using technology to help with children and young people’s attachment needs
  • Understand how your facial expressions, tone of voice and bodily postures will make a significant difference in how successful your work can be

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed with children and family social work practitioners in mind and is particularly relevant to:

  • Children and family social workers
  • Senior social workers
  • Team managers
  • Principal social workers
  • Family care workers